Welcome to ISEM 2016

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The ISEM 2016! Work Environment 2030:


Monday: Meet & Greet

Before the official start at 2 p.m., the finnish students had a small city tour and got to know Mannheim in the morning.
Afterwards all the participants met at DHBW for the official welcome and could get to know each other by a late lunch. In the afternoon Patricia Comolet introduced a great Icebreaker programe so that everybody could learn a lot of interesting facts about the other participants.

ansprache gluhwein finnen jurabib latelunch Monday Meet & Greet City Tour and Meet & Greet


Tuesday: Workshops I & II
On Tuesday the students had to work on their first Workshop divided into different groups. After interesting inputs from the Guestspeaker Mr. Reichwald, the second Workshop took place with some presentations as their Output.

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Wednesday started with our visit at Mafinex, expierencing the future on ourselves in the world of virtual reality, augmented reality and E-Health. After the presentations of the third workshops, Heidelberg was our next stop.

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In the morning,some students presented their results of their Meta- & Delphi- Analysis, showing the relationship of future trends. In the afternoon, the Design Thinking Challenge started, so that all students got the time to prepair their Challenge for Friday. The day ended with a farewell-dinner in a typical german restaurant called Andechser.

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Showing insights of state-of-the-art industry at ABB in Heidelberg, the students used the last morning for interesting and important inputs for their research work. At the end of the ISEM week, 7 groups presented the results of their Design Thinking Challenge. A big thank you to all participants for those outstanding results and the exciting week.

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