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The International Seminar


To understand the International Seminar, you’d have to be there. That is why our students have tried to capture some impressions from the ISEM in video. Have a look.


Background and Objectives

The first International Seminar –  or ISEM – was held at the DHBW Mannheim, Germany, in the year 2000 where it originated as a joint effort of the departments of International Business and International Business Information Technology. It has since become an integral part of the International Business curriculum.

Over the years, there have been more and more international students participating and the cooperation with partnering universities throughout Europe has intensified, adding the invaluable factor of a cross-cultural learning experience to the seminar.

The ISEM allows for students

  • to acquire expert knowledge on an interdisciplinary topic,
  • by way of conducting their own empirical or qualitative research,
  • and to share the results of their studies in an international conference setting.


The ISEM conference

After the initial group work at their respective home universities, all ISEM participants meet for the ISEM conference at one of the cooperating universities.

In addition to the workshop and presentation sessions, the ISEM conference program includes

  • lectures on the seminar topic,
  • guest speakers from the field,
  • and a framing program of cultural and group activities in the hosting city.

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