ISEM 2016

Topic – Work Environment 2030

“Considering that rapid changes the workplace has undergone over the past two decades, can you imagine what it will look like in the year 2030 — about 15 years from now? Now, we certainly don’t have any powers of prediction here — we’re not decedents of Nostradamus — but we have a pretty good idea that when you show up to work in 2030, you’ll be arriving at a place that looks and feels much different than the workplace of today.”

Participating Universities

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During this years ISEM we will explore the future – What will our work environment in 2030 look like?
A lot of important topics will be discussed & presented:



Each participating student will prepare a research question pertaining to one of these and other topic areas in the form of a seminar paper.
You can find the ISEM paper topics of 2016 here.
During the concluding seminar conference, their results will be discussed and combined.

Have a look at the conference week program of the ISEM 2016: