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How it works

Step 1: Students at the participating universities sign up for the ISEM

At each university, students are supervised, tutored and graded by local staff. All partnering universities cooperate on the organization of the ISEM.

Step 2: Students sign up for an expert focus topic

The expert focus determines which research questions the individual students will be working on during their preparation. During the ISEM conference, students from the different universities who prepared similar or related expert focus will be teamed up in internationally mixed workshop groups to share their research and further develop their findings .

Step 3:  Students start their research

They collect, analyze, and summarize information from appropriate sources and academic research literature concerning the research questions of their topic. Students come to the ISEM conference as experts on their focus topic.

Step 4:  Students combine and present their findings

During the workshops at the ISEM conference, students bring together what they have prepared and solve the “ISEM Workshop challenge”. They receive a graded feedback on their presentations. After the conference, students write a term paper about their expert focus on the ISEM topic which is graded by the tutor at their home university.


Grade requirements

The ISEM comprises a workload of 50 lecture hours spread over the 5 days of the seminar conference plus 10 hours of coaching with your tutors in preparation for the conference at your home university.

  • The presentations during the ISEM conference are marked by the jury of ISEM tutors.
  • After the conference, the student write a seminar paper to be handed in for grading by their group’s tutor, either individually, or as a group (ca. 15 pages per students, following the rules of academic writing).
  • Active participation during the ISEM and passing both the presentation and the seminar paper will earn the students 3 ECTS, an ISEM certificate, and many memorable experiences.

ISEM students have been enthusiastic about the cross-cultural insights gained in discussion rounds as well as when going out together. All in all, the ISEM conference offers its participants a unique learning experience and a great opportunity to expand their friendship networks among fellow students from around the globe.


The ISEM spirit

YOU put the INTERNATIONAL in the International Seminar: Exchanging ideas with other international participants cannot be planed or forced – it will happen if you make it happen!

YOU put the SEMINAR in the International Seminar: Take advantage and make the most of all elements of the program to collect diverse impulses and stimuli for your seminar paper – as well as to create them for other participants!

YOU make it YOUR International Seminar: Every ISEM is new and different – it is always a unique and extraordinary learning experience!


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