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Scenario 2030

With our world’s population passing the 7billion mark and the demographic transition fully under way, “Scenario 2030” was a highly acute and relevant topic for the ISEM 2011 which offered a great variety of sub-topics including, but not limited to:


scenario 2030

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The ISEM 2011 participants learned about the possibilities and limits of scenario writing and other instruments of long-term prognosis, such as extrapolation and the Delphi-Method, by researching existing scenarios and developing their own for specific developments. They were also introduced to the latest and expected demographic developments and worked on outlining their implications for the strategic planning of companies.

Seminar Paper topics:

  • General Scenarios 2020 – 2030 for future global developments.
  • Forms of and attitudes towards labor – yesterday, today, tomorrow.
  • Consumer behavior – yesterday, today, tomorrow.
  • Factors of influence on consumer behavior.
  • Changes in values: causes and effects.
  • Changes in education: causes and effects.
  • Megacities: implications for society, business, and the environment.
  • Information and communication technology in 2030: trends and projections.
  • Traffic systems, transport and mobility in 2030.
  • Demographic developments: projections and implications for Africa.
  • Demographic developments: projections and implications for the Americas.
  • Global population developments and their impact on migration patterns.
  • The trend towards LOHAS (lifestyle of health and sustainability): implications for consumer behavior.
  • The water challenge: reserves, demand, risks, and solutions?

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