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ISEM 2012 analyzed the impact of mega-events


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The ISEM group 2012

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Mega-events are characterized by their name-giving dimensions: with the complexity of their logistics, the vast scope of stakeholders involved or affected, and their intense media exposure, management processes are complex and time-critical. Yet mega-events are generally believed to entail substantial contributions to the host location’s local or even national economy and social structure. Next to an influx of investments, positive factors such as job creation, skills development, and branding effects are usually referred to.

The International Seminar 2012 set itself the challenging topic to analyze the impact of mega-events, acknowledging that in order to do so, students would need to consider whether the economic, environmental, and socio-cultural impacts of mega-events represent a net benefit, whether they are sustainable, and in how far they have to be pitted against possible drawbacks and negative effects.

Research Questions covered by the students’ in preparation of the ISEM conference, during the workshop sessions and guest lectures included, but were not limited to:

  • Which models and theories discussed in the research literature can support managers in the evaluation of mega-events?
  • What are the “tangible” (quantifiable) and “intangible” (qualitative) criteria by which the impact of mega-events is measured?
  • How are they operationalized and evaluated?
  • What are the key success factors of mega-event discussed in the research literature?
  • What are the implications of choosing a stakeholder management approach towards organizing mega-events?
  • What are the particular implications for managing selected mega-events in terms of logistics, human resources, or public relations?

Teamed up in four workshop groups, the students prepared pitches for an impact study of the 2022 FIFA World Championship in Qatar, presenting their concept of how best to approach the challenge.


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